Review on AMT

AMT is entactogen with slight psychedelic effect. I would consider it as a father, or the older and more established version of 5-APB powder. They are both legal substitution for types of substances like MDMA, but they are generally marked as "research chemical" drugs. The standard dose comes down to 35 mg. A half of the standard dose of 70mg, which is for 5-APB. It almost seems like the make it deliberately less and less concentrated, so they avoid the situations where people can  overdose by underestimating the volume of the powder. For example, 6-APB is even more diluted as the standard dose is 100 mg.  

My review is linked to the experience of trying it about five times, but the very first one came a bit of a surprise to me. Because of the doses for 5-APB of 70-100 mg were standard for me before, I sort of didn't exactly consider the fact that amt is much stronger at all. I knew that the standard dose for AMT is 35 mg, but I knew that even if I take the double of recommended dose, so I thought that I'll be alright because I had 150 mg of 5-APB before.

But for me, on that day (for probably many strange reasons) the dose of 100 mg of AMT was just like 100 mg of 5-APB to me, which would mean a standard trip in my terms. Quite far from truth. By downing 100 mg of AMT, I downed two and half of recommended dose and experienced so far the strongest trip I ever had. So don't take more than 35 mg as it is recommended.

Because I took this trip long after the period of not taking any trips, (24 days), it hit me at the full speed, as the tolerance wasn't high. I took it at 1 pm and it lasted for like 26 hours, or something. Which means whole day, night and the other day. During that time, I've been through everything. A bit of excitment, work for lessening that exciement, working harder, solving my life, feeling emptiness and purposelessness, emotional stage of sadness for a couple of hours, a good happy cry for about forty minutes,  a long walk with my girlfriend in the park, disappearing on the bed with the waves of pleasure, and the night in the toilet's darkness (a lot of yellow stuff to see). A hell of a journey.

VISUALS - Yellow patters

This trip was quite visual, the breathing and rippling of surfaces and objects was quite recognisable. I literally saw the sheet on my bed breathing, meaning I saw them coming up and down, as some invisible hand were pulling it up and down in the middle in quite rhythmic way. Like a sort of ripples of the water surface when you throw a little stone in the middle.

When the most intense state of the trip came in, the feeling of being spaced out got heavily augmented and whole existence stop reminding you of being alive. Everytime you shake your head and want to see reality you can, but not for very long. You will get engulfed in spaced out feeling very soon after that. That's not much you can do in the state like that. You can only watch and wait, trying to understand at least the basic of what is happening to you.

It's only when you pay attention to the yellow colour or patterns you see that you activate the potentiality of seeing something moving. More you stare into only one spot, more energy you accumulate and if you are willing to wait a long time, you get to the point where you see yellow patterns moving all around you. But that happened to me only on certain occasions, but every time I had this substance.

The barriers of the reality seems to break down. You stop feeling your body. Stop yourself in thinking that you are not you, but something else. It can be anything around you. You feel you can get into the things you see, or take some part of it and make it bigger, so you can see it better. When you look at the furniture that is five yards away from you, and feeling like you are touching it.

Another thing may be seeing yellow patterns. That may be experienced as an illusion of the senses only, but on the perception level they seem very convincing and realistic. As well, the colours are beautiful and irresistible. Especially when you look at some designs on the carpets, walls or furniture. They just catch your attention and then BOOM. Something moves (wall or sheets on the bed), or you suddenly see some big picture of a pattern that repeat itself and has recognisable geometric shapes, even if this geometry is "only" fractal art generated by the retina of your eyes, seeing them is the unforgettable experience. That is probably the most interesting feature about it for me, as this beauty will stuck in my head and I will pursue it more and more. And talk about it, and write about it, and read about it, and thing about it, imagining it, trying to draw it, looking for it in things and patterns around you on everyday basis. It is basically an obsession, looking at it that way. It definitely got me, and I'm ready for more. I wanna see beauty.  

Table of doses 

5-10 mg - antidepressant dose, up to 6 hours
20-30 mg - euphoria, empathy, psychedelic effects for up to 12 hours
> 40 mg - strong dose that may be lasting over 12 hours

When I took 100 mg, I took twice and half of the strong dose. It took 26 hours, but because I had the experience with double of standard dosing with 5-APB before ( which usually lasted 12-15 hours ), I was expecting almost this sort of thing. Well, not that much, of course. So far the strongest trip I ever had. This was my 13-th trip from the beginning. So far my last one.  See you next time.


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